Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rice with pine nuts and currants

Found this flaky rice dish in Cooking with Kurma by Kurma Dasa. As the link to his Turkish Rice Pilaf with Currants & Pine Nuts does not work I give a short summary with my local additions.
3 cups of stock
½ cup of (pine/macademia )nuts.
1 ½ cup of Basmati
4 cloves
6 cm sliced ginger
2 bay leaves
2 stalks fresh thyme
some orange zest
Tasmannian pepper
1/3 cup soaked currents
3 Tsp. chopped parsley
A few pomegranate kernels

-Boil stock
-Stir-fry nuts in oil, lift out
-Add washed rice, stir till they are whitish
-Add boiling stock, cloves, ginger, bay,thyme, orange zest & pepper
-Raise heat, then lower, cover, simmer for 20 - 25 min.
-Remove from heatsource, let stand for 5 min. remove unsightly stuff.
-Fold in currants, nuts,parsley and pomegrante
-Serve hot (or cold) with Tofu or Mushroom Nut Burgers

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