Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mushroom & Pasta - Basta!

Mushrooms (organic Button mushrooms)

Onions & Garlic

Olive oil

Sour Cream
Herbs: Garden cress-sprouts, Chives, Dill

Nutmeg &/ white pepper

Pasta (organic semolina, or durum wheat, no egg), preferred shapes are Orecchiette or Fusilli.

Fry onions & mushrooms
Boil pasta

Shortly before pasta is "al dente"
Add cream and (most of the) chopped herbs, garlic and spices to the mushrooms.
(If you do not want to use cream, just do it without.)

Heat on a low flame and stir.
Drain pasta and mix with mushroom sauce
Cover for a a few minutes.
Transfer to serving dish
Sprinkle with remaining herbs.
Serve with a green crunchy salad.

Both images are by Giorgio Sommer from around 1885 somewhere in Italy, the first one is a macaroni manufacture and the second one is just eating them. Both pictures are in the public domain, uploaded via Zeno
Could one still dry their pasta in the public today?

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