Monday, August 6, 2007

Glazed Baby Turnips

Inspired by Delia Smith, Delia's Vegetarian Collection. Here is my variation

900g young turnips

800 ml stock

1 tsp. mustard

2 Tbs. white wine/lemon juice

1 tsp. sugar or agave sweetner

2 tbsp. chopped fresh parsely

S & P


Peel veg thinly

Place into boiling water for 3 min.

Drain, return to saucepan
Add enough stock to cover veg, boil

Then simmer for 10 min, until tender

Remove and keep warm

Blend mustard with lemon/wine and sweetner and
add to stock
Re-heat, season
Simmer rapidly, until it has the consistency of syrup

Pour it on over turnips

Sprinkle with parsley

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