Sunday, April 30, 2017

Macadamia confectionary

300g organic raw macadamia nuts
1 meyer’s lemon
2 tbsp light clear honey.
all organic

medium grate 300g macadamia nuts into a bowl.
Add finely grated rind of a Meyer lemon and the juice of half a lemon. Mix.
Add 2 tbsp clear honey (Mallee honey). Mix well.
Press and compact the mixture with a spoon. Knead it. Press down and leave it in a cool place for 2 hours.
Cut into small portions and serve.
Store wrapped in greaseproof paper.

Marzipan, varieties and origin
Marcipane or "The bread of Marcus" originated from Persia. It is based on almonds and made its way via the 13th century crusades to Europe. Since 1809 Königsberg marzipan is known for its flamed confectionary surface, which results in a golden-brown finish. It contains almonds, rose water and jam.

Frankfurt Bethmännchen cookies are made from marzipan with almond, powdered sugar, rosewater, flour and egg. Since 1393 they have been sold at the Frankfurt's Christmas market. After one and a half centuries of manufacturing, its form and recipe has never been changed.

In the land of macadamia it is obvious to adjust these old cultural traditions to a contemporary and geographic setting.

Lovis Corinth, Königsberger (Kaliningrad) Marzipantorte, (marzipan cake), 1924

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