Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cold Drinks from Finger Limes and Passionfruit

1 litre of cold mineral water
or cold filtered water
4 finger limes
1 lime

Pour water into jug. Cut finger limes lengthwise, discard seeds. Scrape vegetarian caviar into water and stir. Cut washed limes into halves. Juice one half and add to the water. Cut the other half of the lime into 6 thin slices and stick a few on the edge of the glass. Pour mixture into glasses and enjoy on a hot day.

1 litre of mineral water
or filtered water
8 passion fruit
2 Tbsp of agave syrup

Cut pulp out of ripe passion fruit and press through a fine mesh sieve. Add agave syrup, stir. Place in jug and pour cold water on top. Mix and serve cold.

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