Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tempeh and Egg Sandwich

2 Eggs
Some tempeh
2 Tomatoes
Green herbs (parsley, lemon thyme, chives etc)
or lettuce leaves
Some mayonnaise (Soya)
Cheese, a few thin slices
Olive oil
Some Dorrigo Pepper (Tasmania stipitata)
or any black pepper
all organic

Maybe the tempeh is a left over from last nights dinner.

If not wash and cut tempeh into thin slices. Remove any dark spots. Mix a bit of tamari with olive oil and a pinch of pepper, rub sparingly into the tempeh slices. Leave for 10 min. Fry gently in olive oil.

Clean the vegetables and herbs. Slice ripe tomatoes into thick slices. Make sure the lettuce leaves/herbs are not wet. Fry the 2 eggs in olive oil. Put a slice of fresh bread or toast on each plate. Add some of the mayonnaise, the cheese slices, the tomato slices, the tempeh slices and the greens on both. When the eggs are done, top the 'big one' with it and serve immediately.

Serves two people. It can be a hearty breakfast or lunch. You might want to vary the recipe to your needs.

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